My name is Jaroslaw Walczak. Welcome to my company’s page.

Loudspeaker enclosures designing has been my main hobby for 15 years. During this time I designed and manufactured over a dozen of unique cabinets, what allowed me to test and verify many different technical and acoustic solutions. This helped me a lot to understand physical aspects of all existing enclosures:

  • closed;
  • bass-reflex;
  • transmission line;
  • horn;
  • band-pass;
  • open baffle.

Professionally I do have required knowledge in electronics and physics: I have a master’s of engineering degree in Electronics and now I am finishing my PhD in Physics.

Most of my friends, some of whom are musicians, are the owners of custom-made speakers produced by myself. My friends’ delight in listening to music is the best proof of my electro-acoustic knowledge and craftsmanship required for designing a perfect looking and individually sounding products. My head is still full of interesting ideas and therefore I started the JWS Individual Audio Solutions company to share my knowledge, experience and passion with broader circle of happy people. It will not only allow you having a perfectly fitted to your sounding demands set of speakers, but also having a custom handmade cabinets tailored to the design of your room and furniture. Moreover you will be sure that you own a unique exquisite product, the only one of its kind in the world.

There are a lot of companies producing loudspeaker and enclosures. Some of them reproduce almost perfectly sound. Some of them have a top-notch look. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is not any company which could offer a custom fitted design matching required timbre with the fitted appearance.

Every project begins with the discussion with the client about his demands and expectations. Then I present the design for acceptance. After the agreement I perform the electro-acoustic simulations, to validate the proposed design. At this stage the final performance of speakers can be predicted and alternatively changed. Then I make a test cabinet, upon which I make a measurements and perform a listening test. At this stage a minor or major modifications are introduced (for instance I modify slightly the cabinet geometry, loudspeaker placement or parameters of the crossover). At the end I manufacture final enclosures which are handmade from ecological materials and utilizing high quality components (electronic parts as well as finishing products).

Please, take a look at my past projects.